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Fiberlock Technologies Introduces RECON | Business Wire

Based in Andover, Mass., Fiberlock Technologies, Inc., is a leading global provider of environmental bioscience technology. Founded in 1984, the company specializes in environmental containment systems and high performance coatings, and offers high-quality lead-based paint, asbestos and mold abatement products, sold exclusively through select distributors. Fiberlock has supplied its environmental control products to top industrial facilities and leading corporations and institutions including the Pentagon, Disney World, IBM, Mobil, Amtrak, Dupont, The National Gallery of Art, Harvard University, General Electric, AT&T and General Motors. For more information visit

"Building on the most recent success of Fiberlock IAQ(TM) mold remediation products, RECON provides specialized products that treat all areas of water and smoke damage, from surface cleaning to odor control," says Joseph Connor, President and CEO, Fiberlock Technologies. "We believe RECON to be one of the broadest lines of disaster restoration and renovation products available from one manufacturer. We are pleased to offer these products with the same quality assurance as the rest of Fiberlock's environmental remediation solutions. RECON will get the job done right the first time."

ANDOVER, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 2004-- New Product Line Restores Buildings Damaged by Fire, Smoke, Flood, and Water

Fiberlock Technologies, Inc., a leader in environmental bioscience technology, today announced RECON(TM), a new line of products for fire, smoke and water damage cleaning and restoration. Designed to restore damaged buildings to their original state, Fiberlock's RECON products offer restoration specialists and facility maintenance personnel the most advanced solutions for the multi-billion dollar disaster restoration industry. Featuring nearly 30 products, the new RECON line provides a complete offering of carpet and fabric care products, hard surface cleaners, odor control chemicals, antimicrobials, floor refinishing products, hand wipes, and sealant coatings.

The Fiberlock RECON line is the first in the industry to provide high-strength odor counteractants, cleaning chemicals, and a shellac sealant as part of a complete line of disaster, renovation and restoration products. Fiberlock's RECON Restoration Primer & Sealer is a high quality, fast drying pigmented shellac primer to seal smoke stains and odors present after fires, as well as prevent migrating or bleeding stains that show through other primers. Other products in Fiberlock's new line include RECON Odor Counteractants, which chemically neutralize offensive odors, and RECON Hand Sanitizing Wipes to kill microbes on contact while gently cleaning and moisturizing hands.

About Fiberlock Technologies, Inc.

RECON products are available nationwide exclusively through select distributors. For more information on the complete Fiberlock RECON line call 800/342-3755 or log on to

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