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What Is Vastu Shastra?

Never keep the damaged images and the idols inside the room as these things bring the negativity.

The lamp should be placed in the south direction of the room.

The other framed pictures should be placed at the wooden altar placed above the deitys idol.

What changes you have to do in the pooja room to bring the aforementioned is mentioned below:

Avoid keeping the photographs of your ancestors in the temple.

The most important place of a home is pooja room or better to say a temple. In earlier times people use to have the temple in middle of their home garden. But now due to lack of space and rising prices of the property it has been shifted inside the home. Some people have a large space while others have very small space for the temple in the home. But the space doesnt matter and the thing which matter is the direction of that pooja room.

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By: Kaliska Davis

Vastu Shastra is gaining popularity from the past few years as everyone wants to taste the success soon. People are practicing vastu shastra everywhere means in the home, offices, shops and factories. The main motive behind the implementation is to bring the positive waves in that place. But the first question arises here is what is vastu shastra?

Vastu shastra is a vedic science that consists of five basic elements. The elements are earth, space, fire, water and air. From the ancient time this science is in practice. Many forts and temples have been constructed according to the vastu.

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Direction of the picture and the diya should be faced toward the east direction.

You can think yourself that if a minor change can open the doors for happiness, joy and the success then why not to implement this.

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In total vastu tips is necessary because it the most important part of your dwelling where the positivity is at its peak.

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The idol of the deity should be placed in the middle of the room.

The pooja room should be in the northeast corner of the home.

The temple inside the home is a place where one prays for the peace of their mind as well as soul. Praying there gives you a satisfaction that God, the almighty is listening to you. Vastu shstra have proved its significant importance in enhancing the peace at that place and ultimately brings the prosperity and the success.

Use a red color cloth below the idol of the deity.

Take care of one thing that the pooja room should not be below or above or adjacent to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Decoration of the pooja room also comes under the vastu shastra so you should be a little attentive when going for the same. Use some meaningful items and the symbols to bring a motivational power inside you. If you will feel positivity then definitely the success will be at your doorstep.

Implementing the vaastu is not enough you should take care of the cleaning of the room too. Never keep the things like the thali and the diya, incense sticks at a dusty place. Regular clean the idol and the pictures placed over there.

The color of the walls of the room should be light and eye pleasing. You can go for white, yellow, pale yellow, cream and light purple.

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